Our Services

Prior to Equipment on Site:


  • Agree upon layout arrangements and configurations of equipment with customers and foreighn suppliers
  • Ensure availability of auxilliary equipment
  • Complete civil works preparations
  • Confirm pland with customers and foreign suppliers



Subsequent to Equipment on Site:

  • Mobilize Human ressources
  • Mobilize materials and handling equipment
  • Erect, install, commission all equipment


During Guarantee period:

  • Provide preventative and curative maintenance to support foreign suppliers
  • Report periodically to foreign suppliers
  • Propose technical improvements 


Following Guarantee period:

  • Ensure Preventative and curative maintenance to support customers
  • Sell spare parts
  • Propose service contracts


Other Technical Services:

  • Source local engineering companies for basic and detailed design services
  • Source local manufacturers
  • Follow up on local fabrication and ensure quality control


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