With more than 15 years' experience in the safety industry and the continued support of leading manufacturers worldwide, we understand how crucially important Safety is in the Workplace. In order to best meet the needs of a fast evolving industrial environment, we focus on supplying our customners with genuine CE Certified and ANSI or AS approved products.

We take pride in protecting workers and firefighters by offering a comprehensive range of top quality products for protection in industrial environments from head to toe.


Personal Protective Equipments


Safety helmets, hearing protection, eyewear, respiratory and breathing apparatus
Hand Protection
A comprehensive range of glovers : handling, cut-resistant, thermal protection, chemical and biological resistant, insulating, anti static, and disposable.
Body Protection 
Workwear and tecnical clothing, and dispasable clothing
Foot Protection 
Safety shoes and safety boots.
Full body harness, fall arest equipment, lifeline and anchorage devices, connectors, rescue solutions. 


Firefighter Protective Equipment


Firefighter Protective Equipment
Helmets, gloves, clothing, and boots.


Industrial and Environmental Protection


Collective Protection Solutions
Gas detectors, traffic management and safety signs, lock out/tag out devices, marine products, emergency, and safety storage solutions.

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