Franco-Pacific provides a variety of machinery for use in the beverage manufacturing industry, including: 


1.  PET blowing lines equipped with oil-free compressors and blow-molding machines


Compressor for PET bottle, which are designed to reduce energy consumption and thereby lower operating costs. We offer a complete range of enhanced products, including:

    • Variable Speed Drive Technology
    • Extended Life Pack(s)
    • Air Recovery



Blow molding machines. We offer two types of machines that transform the PET preformed molds into bottles:

    • Linear, with alternating movement for small- and medium-production ranges
    • Rotating, with continuous movement for medium- and large-production ranges

2.  Complete filling lines (bottling and canning) that include washing machines, rinsing systems, filling systems, sealing systems, labeling machines, processing systems, packaging line, engineering and conveyors, and inspection equipment.




Washing machines, available in either painted steel and full stainless steel, which are suitable for glass bottles.

Our manufacturing plan envisages washing machines for recycled bottles with label extraction units as well as washing machines for new bottles that include a final sterilizing component.



Three types of filling systems, including:


ISOBARIC FILLING SYSTEMS, characterized by above-average absolute capacity in foamless filling and controlled-foam filling, also at 15°C. Isobaric filling is suitable for all types of liquids, including beer, water, soft drinks, champagne, and sparkling juice, and are equipped to fill glass bottles, PET bottles, and aluminum cans. The machines are outfitted with additional safety features that protect operators from the dangers of bottles bursting.



VACUUM AND GRAVITY FILLING SYSTEMS, equipped with additional machinery that allows for the filling of:

    • Thick liquids like syrups;
    • Liquids that require Sterile Ultra clean filling;
    • Liquids requiring Hot Filling;
    • NO OXYGEN systems;
    • High Vacuum filling;
    • Self-levelling systems.

The machines offer a range of flexibility and can fill glass, PET, PE, and tin cans.

The filling units on this series operate according to the level filling principle.


VOLUMETRIC FILLING SYSTEMS, such as DOSE volumetric fillers, volumetric piston fillers, and electronic volumetric flow meter fillers both magnetic and mass operated.

These machines are suitable for use with a wide range of liquids, including: 

    • Very thick, e.g. Ketchup, tomato sauce and jam
    • Very foamy, e.g. detergents 
    • Very delicate, e.g. milk


Three types of sealing systems, including:



    • Heat shrinkable;
    • Polyethylene;
    • Champagne capsules;
    • Sleever capsules;
    • Safety capsules.










    • Alternative one-head capping machines;
    • Rotating (multi-head) capping machines;
    • Linear capping machines.





    • Bridge wireholder;
    • Surface wireholder;
    • Wire cages with plate.






LABELING MACHINES. The following models cover our entire range of container-labeling systems:

    • Linear and Rotary Cold glue labeling machine
    • Linear and Rotary Hot melt labeling machine
    • Linear and Rotary OPP roll fed labeling machine
    • Pressure sensitive labeling machine
    • Sleeve machine
    • Crimping-Distributor Block
    • Coccardatrice


LABELING MACHINES for various sectors, including:

    • The CSD sector supplies syrup rooms and premix
    • The Mineral Water sector supplies carbonators 
    • The Juice sector supplies pasteurizing machines 
    • The wine sector supplies filters, tanks, pressing systems 




Packaging lines that include:




DEPALLETIZERS, engineered to accomodate a range of empty containers to be depalletized, such as:

    • Glass bottles
    • PET or PE bottles
    • Aluminum and tin plate cans 
    • Containers with special shapes




PALLETIZERS, that are equipped to handle:

    • Unpackaged bottles (empty or full, glass or plastic)
    • Heat shrinking bundles
    • Cardboard boxes
    • Cases




CARTON SHAPERS, including:

    • Carton feeding system that boasts long autonomy
    • Self-adjusting head system
    • Quick setting for size change









    • Seal by OPP self-adhesive tape
    • Seal by hot melt or glue paper 






    • Carton blank storage with automatic unstacker
    • Package preparation through push, divider, and eccentric movement systems
    • All wrapping stages are carried out by patented mechanical and electronic systems
    • Cardboard sealing through Hot Melt device


SHRINK WRAPPERS, with various configurations:

    • Plastic film only.
    • Flat interleaf + Plastic film.
    • Tray + Plastic film.



Automation and Conveyor systems, including:





    • TableTop Transport
    • Bundle tables
    • Dividers
    • Fluctuating tables
    • Mechanical and electronic aligners 
    • Lifts






    • Roller conveyor
    • Table Top conveyor
    • Cable transport
    • Stackers
    • Lifts





Inspection equipment:

We offers a full line of equipment used for inspection and marking of containers, both empty and full, on bottling, canning, and packaging lines. Our unique starwheel empty bottle inspectors, Gamma and X-Ray source full bottle inspectors and laser coders are industry leaders because of their ease of use, reliability, and durability. Parts are available locally and same day service is available in most areas.

Inspection solutions include:

    • Empty bottle inspection (EBI)
    • Empty can inspection (ECI)
    • Filling level inspection
    • Filler management inspection
    • Pressure/Leak detector
    • Rejection system
    • Lasertec Coding and Marking


ft-50 499FT100CI
Servotec Rejection System



THERMOFORMING with a Forming, Filling, Sealling machine (FFS):

Our packaging and thermoforming machines are globally recognized for their excellent reliability, high performance, and patented functions, including:

    • Gas jet to prolong the product’s shelf life.
    • Variable Size Machine that allows mold changes through a simple button press.
    • Integral Cutting System that is able to cut all types of previously thermoformed shape.


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