110 kVSub-Station

High Voltage Equipment

     A One-Stop Shop for Electrical Components

Franco-Pacific is a local representative of electrical equipment manufacturers that range from heavy HV apparatuses to small digital meters and relays. A comprehensive understanding of complex market factors combined with our technical and marketing expertise allows us to select, promote, and sell the highest quality electrical equipment available to our clients.


Range of Equipment

  • Electrical Equipment
    • Batteries
    • DC systems
    • Insulators
    • High-voltage connectors and fittings
    • OPGW cables and hardware fittings
    • Termination and join kits


  • Test and Diagnostic Instruments
    • Diagnosis of transformers, circuit breakers, and protection relays
    • Online monitoring and in-service instruments
    • Partial discharge detection and monitoring
    • Fault location equipment for power cables
    • Processing and recovery for insulating liquids and gases



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